As our fingers brush, bristle against  each other like blades of grass buffeted by harsh breeze. My heart breaks.

I will not let you stop me.

The tendrils of emotion circle my motionless corpse at night, reminding me the noise of my nemesis. Tick, tock, tick, tock.

I will not let you drop me.

The concrete safety nestled in my heart as I watch you sleep turns into a blade, cauterising my thoughts of leaving. I want you.

Should I stay?

My dream of experiencing the world, encountering new and astounding people crumbles before  me, like a castle on the brink of a cliff. Teetering on the cliff of sacrifice.

It’s you I want.

Versus the image of constructing a stable life with you by my side. Your long blonde hair billowing, leaving an essence of your scent lingering on my nose. Pure ecstasy.

I am torn.

Giving up the one I love for the life I want.


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