As I head up the rocky path towards,
I think to myself before I see.
What if I was wrong?
The promises I kept, the way I lived my life.
What if I was wrong?

Three words, seven letters. Yet no meaning.
I got hung up on the wrong one.
Maybe they’ll forgive me?
No else will,
Maybe they’ll forgive me?

The path is jagged and rough,
More than once I trip,
Can I stop falling?
The damage is irreparable
Can I stop falling?

As I make it to the top I give out.
His radiance transparent through my disbelief.
He is disappointed.
How much did a little faith cost?
No, this world is our domain.
I will not hang up my faults on a whim.

I will carry them like the cross they are.
As I stumble and fall on this sharp path
Will I make it?
I need not forgiveness but to forgive.
I have to make it.

This is my crucible.



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