Temporal Lapse

As my fingers explore the ridges of your smooth back.
Dancing around the water droplets that scamper down your skin. 

My fingers become aquatinted with your yellow soaked hair. 

As I embrace you, the wet fabric flutters to the ground. 

Your lips become a capital, a lure drawing me in.
Only to evaporate in gas, mist, smog in the memory that is you. 


Musical Wind

I just want to hum back to yesterday.

Feel the breeze of music on my skin.

The beat pressing on my arms.

The shivers of cool strings washed blue.

Drinking in the company. Smiling with true gusto.

Sun kissed. She dances. The music bouncing off her. Love drunk. I’m seeing her non-stop. She dances.

What am I doing? She is my ecstasy. Pupils large drinking in the company.
I just want to live with yesterday my paradise.

Feeling the sweet music of life in my heart.

Her beat in my arms, protected.

The shivers of voices reverberating my foundations.

Yet she dances.


As the wisps of your taste circle me I feel the ice reach my fingers.
I am enclosed.
Spluttering under the toxicity, choking on the memories.
I am enthralled.
My head lays lifeless transforming the scent into currency of dreams.
I am encumbered.
Eyes tearing as the malice washes my skin. The ice reaches my arms.
I am enraptured.
The blue hue reaches my lips, contorting the cratered surface, erasing the once worn smile.
I am encapsulated.
The smog stabs at my entity, stripping me of all courage to resist. The ice is in my chest.
I am enslaved.
The kettle is on but no one is home. Oxygen a faint memory as I surrender.


I am the end